Fall Study Group

Announcing Our Fall Study Group

Series 1: September 20 - October 25, Tuesdays, 4-5pm (PT) Register for the Tiger group!

About CourseKata Study Groups

CourseKata study groups typically consist of six, 1-hour sessions. During the academic year, the groups meet once a week for six weeks. During the summer, groups meet three times a week for two weeks. Each hour focuses on a different chapter of the book and consists of a facilitated discussion of a Jupyter notebook related to the chapter of the day.

We currently offer two types of study groups. Series I study groups address the first six chapters of the books that begin with content codes A and B – that is, they address exploring and modeling variation in data. Series II groups, designed for instructors using books with codes X, C, and D, briefly review exploring and modeling data, then cover the more advanced topics of inference and multivariate models.

Need a refresher on CourseKata’s content codes? We’ve got you covered! Visit our blog post for details.

You’re welcome to join as many study groups as you like, including repeating a series you’ve already completed. We love seeing familiar faces!

Other Instructor Support

As a reminder, we also offer ongoing, just-in-time support via our daily Office Hours. See our college or high school calendar for times and links. And check out our Slack channel for interesting discussions. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.

Know someone who might be interested in joining? Feel free to share the information above. Have a question? Email it our way!