Course Outline

list Introduction to Statistics: A Modeling Approach

Official Class Notebook and Why We Have One

You will be given an official class notebook for this class. As soon as you get it, write your name and student ID number on the cover.

You should use this notebook to take all notes related to this class, both in lectures and while working through the online homework materials.

Why You Should Take Notes in This Notebook

There are three reasons why you should take notes in this notebook:

Reason #1. First, you will learn more if you take notes by hand. If you don’t believe us, just look at the research. Mueller & Oppenheimer (2014) did a study in which students who took handwritten notes learned more from lectures than students who took notes on laptops. (Take a look at the study here.)

The reason is that it forces you to think more when you take notes by hand. Whereas many people can type fast enough to capture verbatim notes, most people can’t write that fast. This forces you to think about what’s most important, and just write down the gist. So, use your notebook as a tool for learning.

Reason #2. The second reason for taking really good notes in this notebook is that this notebook is the only thing you will be allowed to bring with you into the five quizzes and final exam for this course. That’s right. If you work hard on this notebook, you will have a great resource for taking tests. Which means you will get a higher grade. Not that you care about that; you really just want to learn as much as you can.

Only handwritten notes, on original notebook pages, are allowed; inserts or pasted in materials are not permitted._

Reason #3. Finally, this notebook is going to provide you with a really easy way to get some extra credit at the end of the course. If you agree to lend us your notebook at the end of the course, so we can analyze it to help improve the course, you will get extra credit!

Use of Laptops and Phones in Class

You may be wondering how you are going to balance everything on the desk in front of you now that you have to take notes by hand in a notebook. Where will you put your laptop?

The answer is that you may not need your laptop. Although we don’t forbid the use of laptops and phones, we discourage you from using them unless you absolutely need to. You will need a device for some things.

We will be using Poll Everywhere in this class during lectures. You can answer Poll Everywhere questions on your phone or on a laptop. So of course you will need to use these devices for this purpose. But other than that you should focus on your notebook.

Also, speaking of research, here’s another study you should be aware of (Sana, Weston & Cepeda 2013). In a couple of clever experiments, they found, first of all, that students who multitask on their laptops during a lecture learn less than students who do not. Multitasking includes things like shopping, emailing, or going on Facebook during class.

Jim’s test.: Ji Son r this sentence.m But their second experiment was even more disturbing. Students who were seated behind students who were multitasking—so that they could see the other student’s laptop screen—also learned less than students seated behind students taking handwritten notes.